Ingenious Group is one of the world’s most highly respected social marketing companies and acts as trusted advisers to leading organisations, where reputation management is key.

The group’s award winning behavioural change campaigns and interventions are created from carrying out pioneering research into key societal issues that examine who and what influences positive or negative behavioural decision making in society. This is used to inform and create highly engaging and interactive social marketing programmes that simply work, and go on working, to drive positive behavioural change for their clients.

Expertise in working with social marketing intelligence is key to start, stop, or adopt or adapt behaviour patterns that drive positive change for good in society. Ingenious Group have built an unrivalled reputation for developing strong cross working partnerships with leading charities, corporate companies, social enterprises, local and central government departments each working to gain, maintain or reinforce their competitive advantage that wins the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.

Fifteen years on, as experts in “Marketing for Good”, Ingenious Group’s social intelligence bank continues to grow and develop with areas of specialism including; Sport, Youth, The Arts, Health & Mental Health, Carers, Disability & Disability Sport, Crowd Culture, Family & Social Welfare, Crime, Alcohol and Sexual Orientation (pdf).

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