London based Ingenious Group is one of the world’s most highly respected names in the field of Societal Managment across the globe and acts as trusted advisers to leaders and organisations, where reputation management is key.

As a multi-award-winning Charity Marketing, Managment and Communications firm, we work collaboratively with groups and individuals, to achieve a specific goal - to increase social investment and attain positive social impact across the not-for-profit sector.

Our journey began in 1998 when a group of like-minded charity management leaders came together to develop a collaborative talent pool and "ingenious group network". As, early pioneers of "gig or smart working project management principles", we designed a framework that provides affordable, accessible expert management support to worthwhile projects and organisations working for social good and at the same time supports work-life balance and interests of some outstanding talent. IG’s pioneering framework closely matches the skills, personal interests and passions of our not-for-profit professionals, assigning teams through our talent pools to organisations where they can deliver meaningful social impact.

For the last 18 years, the ingenious group's talent pool has remained at our core and means that we continue to deliver hourly daily or annual expertise and support, that is both affordable and accessible to some of Britain’s most worthwhile, and often challenging causes.

Our Vision
IG’s vision is to achieve greater collaboration between all of the sectors for the common social good, and to see a world where all good causes can access expert management support that is affordable, regardless of an organisation’s size, income or status.

The group’s multi-award-winning income generation and engagement campaigns are rooted in pioneering research into critical societal issues. This provides up to date intelligence that tracks they key factors that influence positive or negative behavioural decision making in society.

Ingenious Group has built an unrivalled reputation for developing strong cross working partnerships with leading charities, celebrities, corporate companies, social enterprises, local and central government departments each working to gain, maintain or engage their stakeholders.

As early pioneers of Marketing for Good in the charity sector, our talent bank of highly experienced project managers work with clients to deliver both strategic, operational management improvements. Our work centres on income-generating strategies, Market Research, supported by engagement campaigns, branding, and communications that continue to grow, both across the globe and throughout the third sector.

Our talented teams are relied upon as affordable, trusted experts and partners, highly skilled in project management. We are loyal, passionately client-focused and immensely proud of our ingenious group's talent bank who continue to secure top industry awards for their work with our clients operating collaboratively throughout with others leaders in the field. As approved providers, we work with NCVO, The National Lottery, Big Potential, Action Planning and others. Our areas of social specialism and built up expertise includes; The Arts & Media - notably Theatre, Film, and Music. Sport and Disability Sports, Young People, Health & Mental Health and wellbeing, Carers, Disability, Family & Social Welfare, Crime, Alcohol and Sexual Orientation (pdf). Call us now on 020 3745 2715 to discuss your needs.